Whisky Sour Pitcher Makes 8 Cocktails

Whisky Sour Pitcher Makes 8 Cocktails

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A delicious blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, and lemon juice with a dash of Aromatic Bitters, best served with Whiskey / Bourbon, Whisky Sour Recipe Ice + 60 ml Whiskey + &Stirred Sachet, Whisky Sour Mix, Contains :, 1) Whisky Sour Mix(100ml x 4) x 2, 2) Peg Measure x 1, 3) Coasters x 4
Includes 4 coasters + 1 peg measures
Makes 8 cocktails.
Just add 375ml (half bottle) Whisky
Non-Alcoholic & 100% Veg (No Egg)
No Preservatives (No Sodium Benzoate)
Pro-bartender like Cocktails
Country of Origin: India

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