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Jigar Ka Tukda - Letter To My LoveJigar Ka Tukda - Letter To My Love
Jigar Ka Tukda - Letter To My Love
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Personalised 2 Year of Love Birthday Greeting CardPersonalised 2 Year of Love Birthday Greeting Card
Personalised 2 Year of Love Birthday Greeting Card
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Personalised 10th Anniversary Greeting CardPersonalised 10th Anniversary Greeting Card
Personalised 10th Anniversary Greeting Card
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Personalised Wife's Promise to Husband ScrollPersonalised Wife's Promise to Husband Scroll
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Personalised Digital SketchPersonalised Digital Sketch
Personalised Digital Sketch
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Buy Anniversary Gifts Online

Some days are just extraordinary, especially anniversaries. Most times or not, anniversaries tend to elicit mixed emotions. At Giftcart, we understand that while it is of utmost importance that couples make time for each other, often the life and its responsibilities tend to get in the way with regular house chores, running errands, monotonous activities thus leading relationships to take a back seat. Amidst the duties, we tend to lose the charm in the relationship. No wonder why we believe that anniversaries are an ideal time for couples to concentrate on your beautiful relationships and perhaps knitting a few lost dreams and hopes together for the year to come. Taking time or sending a surprise gift can help to bring the spark and charisma between the two of you.

Giftcart understands that anniversaries are paramount milestones that couples, irrespective of their age, must celebrate and pay a tribute to. We believe that love is something that should not be forgotten in between growing relationships. Thus, we have brought to the table some of the most unusual yet enthralling list of gifts which shall add meaning to your love and strengthen your relationship with your spouse. 

Explore our mind-blowing list of amazing anniversary gifts now.

All Time Favorite Anniversary Gifts

 Recipient Anniversary Gifts Anniversary Gifts
For Husband Personalized Gifts Indoor Plants
For Wife Chocolate Bars Beauty Gifts
For Her Poster Frames Greeting Cards
For Him Love & Romance Gifts Gift Baskets
For Parents Jewellery Personalised Pens

Anniversary Gifts for Husband

This anniversary, Giftcart assists you to make your special day turn into a memorable one with its exclusive collection of romantic wedding anniversary gifts. Our anniversary gifts are exclusively created keeping your relationships in mind with your partner. We ask you to scout through our vast collection of a huge variety of simple yet sophisticated anniversary gifts for husbands to pick one that defines your love. Before he surprises you with something, it is your time to choose something heart-touching for him.

Here are some of our exclusive wedding anniversary gifts for your beloved husband to wow him.

Flowers and Cakes

The combination of cake and flowers would never go wrong. Our range of collection of colorful flowers and yummy cakes are both perfectly synonymous with the best anniversary gifts for your husband. The diverse options in our assortment offer you to choose as per his likings. You can browse through our stunning collection of flowers for anniversaries comprising of some of the most beautiful Lilies, Anthuriums, Roses, Carnations all wrapped in a bouquet, arranged wonderfully in a basket or boxed up to last an eternity. Our mouth-watering cakes are all baked with love and ranges from Oreo flavours to Rich and your favorite chocolate cream and from Black forest to Wild forest essences and lots more to leave your husband wanting for more. We have baked these cakes with utmost love and care, and the diverse flavors are kept to help you choose according to his liking.


We know that jewellery is the most precious and simplest way of saying ‘I love u’. And thus, we offer a vast galore of jewellery that makes for the best first anniversary gift for husband etched in his heart. Browse through our spellbinding collection of fabulous precious monogram necklaces, bands, earrings, etc and gift him the most special kind of jewellery piece to extend your love for him. Make him feel special in your way.

Garden Gifts

Many men love gardening as they dedicatedly spend time making their garden look beautiful. We are a collector of one of the largest compilations of some beautiful indoor planters and pots, all of which can help turn his gardening experience interesting and full of fun. We can assist you in finding a host of a good selection of classic Bonsai plants and other such timeless indoor plants that shall definitely make him smile and feel good yet again.

Love and Romance

We make gifts in a way that stand the test of time, just like your love. A gift that has your words can be a memorable gift for him. This Anniversary we help you to get him the most precious anniversary surprise with our awe-inspiring roundup of an engraved plaque, a dainty acrylic personalised keyring. You will be able to choose your design and engrave your words to surprise him. With our exciting customisation feature available on our website, you can enjoy a combo of various items that are his favourite to get him all excited.

Gift Baskets

Anniversaries mean surprise gifts! The special gift baskets that we design for you are always loaded with surprises and love. Go through the exclusive range of all our tempting and promising gift baskets and decide on one that shall make his day special. We sure have one for everyone in our collection that can become the next best anniversary gift. From essential bath and body gift hampers that he needs every day to love-filled baskets with soft toys and memorable pendants we have a solution for all types of preferences.


Men love perfume, and so do women who love men to wear the best one! The range of scented perfumes rolled out by Giftcart is without a doubt makes for the most special happy anniversary gift for him. With each spray of our sensual perfumes, he shall feel the butterflies that you make flutter in his stomach. We have a range of scents that ranges from florals to enigmatic sensuous sensations to choose from.


We take pride in hosting some jaw-dropping collections of décors that are also apt for wedding anniversary gifts. If you have decided to gift something to both your house and your husband something useful, why not choose from our range of stylish and sophisticated décor pieces like personalised poster frame, caricature mug, fridge magnets or something dapper? For all men who want to enhance the décor, these gifts can be the best one.

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Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Giftcart decides to pay tribute to all the wives who we believe are Godsent angels who not only take care of husbands but also their family and within days of entering their house, transform it into a better place to live. We pay an ode to their tireless dedication towards husbands with some excellent marriage anniversary gifts for wife.

See and choose through our classic wedding anniversary gifts.

Personalised Gifts

Our set of creative and timeless personalised anniversary gifts can reinstate love on a whole new level. Your choosing personalized gifts can shoot her happiness high and help her embark on romance all over again with our innovative gifts like photo wooden block, a beautifully designed mini photo table lamp or something similar. Women love personalized gifts, and we sure can get something surprising for your wife.


Giftcart rolls out an assortment of innovatively-designed easels, which you can gift to your wife. We help you to add some splash of personalisation in these by either customising her photo on it or choose from our extensive collection of some sweet and adorable easel calendars. You have endless choices with us. For husbands who tend to forget the dates, we also provide you with the exclusive last-minute special anniversary gift delivery all across India. So never mind and don’t regret, if you recalled about the special day just a night before. We are here to cover you up.

Greeting Cards

Nothing matches the amazing charm of gifting a timeless greeting card that shouts ‘I love You’. We have an endless collection of tempting and thought-provoking greeting cards that speaks about your eternal and immortal love for your wife. The words and the thoughts of these greeting cards reflect your heart and thoughts. We enable you some unusual collection by providing with the luxury to curate a combo of greeting cards by adding a yummy chocolate bar or a love cushion or something else from our range of gifts to double the joy of gifting.

Beauty Gifts

We know for a fact that women love decking up even when they are not going anywhere, so the best marriage anniversary gift for them is always an exclusive and huge beauty hamper. Our splendid collection of beauty gifts ranges from gorgeous spa hampers, grooming kits to khadi products and a lot more. If you wish to pamper her, choose the beautiful gifts to give her another chance to pamper herself. 


Giftcart understands women’s needs, and so we dish out some quality-assured, durable and stylish handbags that ooze with class and great looks. We comprehend women’s classic and classy choices, and then we ensure that each of our handbags makes for the perfect anniversary gift for wife. We also give you the opportunity to pick something from our exclusive dapper collection of other fashion accessories like belts and scarves.

Chocolates and Cookies

Women love chocolates! Help satisfy your wife’s temptation over sweets with Giftcart’s exclusive mouth-watering chocolates and wonderful cookies collection. We dole out some undeniably-delicious and lip-smacking chocolate and cookies either arranged in eye candy boxes, eye-catching bouquets, simple trays and baskets to make her feel on top of the world and to make the best last-minute anniversary gifts for wife.

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Irrespective of how many years of togetherness your parents might be celebrating you must not forget them, so we at Giftcart think that their milestones call for a hearty celebration with some loving mushy gifts, warm hugs and long gossips over good food and wine. We help you to mark the special milestone achieved by your parents through some of our heart-rending anniversary gifts for parents. They deserve to feel special too!

When choosing and wondering about what gift to pick, you can visit our website and navigate through our huge gallery of thoughtful and brilliant online anniversary gifts, especially for your parents, to make them feel elated.

Personalised Pens

We think pens are timeless and make for the perfect anniversary gifts to parents from kids. With the amazing personalised pens from our collection, we give you the opportunity to personalise the names of your choice on the sleeves of the pen box. Be conventional but in a personalized manner. We have a compilation of stunning pens that can be personalised as per your unique needs and are sure to have your parents in awe.

Message in Jars

Giftcart is the leading store when it comes to choosing personalised gifts like adorable love messages in jars and boxes. Just the way your parents love you endlessly, we help you to choose gifts that show how blessed you are with such great parents. We let you write your heartfelt personal message for the pillars of your strength in the love tokens. We let you choose from myriad varieties of glass jars, quirky shapes boxes and bottles that we have in our collection to fill your message tokens. We believe this is one of the most extraordinary and unique anniversary gifts for parents that promise an outburst of feeling on being unveiled. 

Quirky Picture Stands

Giftcart keeps no stones unturned in making your parents feel extra special. Help them relive the moments that they spent years ago with a great picture stand. We have the quirkiest set of the photo stands where you can include with caricature on it, that shall help with a good laugh. Our range of photo stands is not only cost-effective but also is one of the most unique 25th-anniversary gifts for parents. We make the photo stands in the way, that you can have the, displayed anywhere in the room.

Medicine Storage Boxes

Even when we least want, with age comes a plethora of diseases, which is battled out through a dozen pills every day. We, at Giftcart, have gathered some stylish and trendy storage boxes for people who need to carry their medicines everywhere and wish to keep them in an organised manner. Our selection of unique storage boxes is sans a doubt the best anniversary gifts for your parents, who are more reliable on medicines than you. This will make them smile every time they open the box. Giftcart helps to ease the life of your parents through our colourful and classy medicine storage boxes.

Indoor Plants

We just found out that the beautiful indoor plants are the best anniversary gifts for parents from daughters for the simplest of reasons being that they ooze with absolute positivity and goodness. By gifting indoor plants to your parents, you also ensure to keep a lot of their stress are at bay, as indoor plants and greens are known to be the greatest stress-relievers. You can find a range of indoor plants in our collection which you can choose to give on this anniversary.

Home and Living

Giftcart asks you to step up and ditch the usual and conventional rose bouquets and poster frames to bring on something unique from our collection. Our unique gifts help you to give unforgettable gifts. When you have to gift parents, remember it must be for two of them. Our huge range of classy décor items is one of the most amazing unusual online anniversary gifts that you can hand down to your favourite pair and assist them in dressing up their nest.

Anniversary Gifts for New Milestones

Giftcart wishes to make each milestone no matter how big or small special and celebrate it through its stunning and stylish set of gifts. Milestones according to Giftcart are testaments of unending love and calls for some tribute. And, thus, you find the largest collection of marriage anniversary gifts at our Giftcart store for each milestone of togetherness that you have seen couples successfully achieving with love in their hearts and soul.

1st Anniversary 

The first anniversary is always exciting and lovely and calls for a celebration. The first anniversaries mark the joint efforts and dedication that are required to keep the spark alive in the relationship. It also helps you look back at all the struggles,  trying times that made you stronger and helped you evolve as one. It is time to celebrate the achievement behind all the odds. 

This 1st anniversary, Giftcart decides to pay an ode to your yearlong of being together, sacrifices, commitments, hard work, and love with some dapper 1st anniversary gifts like some sensual and delicately packed fragrances, a fantastic special combo of your choice, quirky anniversary newspaper scoops, bunch of fresh flowers, box of handmade chocolates, ceramic plate keepsakes and lots more.

5th Anniversary

Leave no stones unturned in making your 5th Anniversary a special and delighting one for your other half with us. Giftcart assists you in finding something for your special ones to recall the memories they once shared with you, which somehow got lost in the process of responsibilities, raising children, and following the same monotony of life. With us, recreate the spark in your relationship. Choose to embark on special feelings with some of our elegant 5th anniversary gifts with yummy cookies and chocolates, adorable love magnets, beautiful personalised gifts or indoor plants or flowers and cakes for anniversaries from Giftcart.

10th Anniversary

Giftcart loves making 10th Anniversary or Platinum celebration special as it marks as one of the most symbolic milestones of one’s life. The Platinum anniversary is the first of important milestones which call for a big celebration. As you look back at the decade that went by in a blink and more such decades to come, Giftcart lends its support to you with its impressive happy anniversary gifts that are insanely good. 

On your 10th of the anniversary, take a look at our assortment, and we let you choose to give some lovely personalised greeting cards, pillow covers, soft cushions, notebooks, easels, calendars, etc to mark your day of love.


Silver Jubilee signals a grand celebration as you have crossed a huge milestone together. We allowed our gift connoisseurs to set out some exceptional silver anniversary gifts for your loved-up pair. Our experts do their best to introduce some exclusive and unique silver anniversary gifts that are unique and give out the feeling of love and affection.

Some notable gifts that you can shortlist for silver anniversary parties for the couple you adore from us are extraordinary gift baskets, beautiful gift cards, mouth-watering chocolates, a bunch of exotic flowers, precious jewellery pieces, unique keepsakes, iconic décor pieces, or delightful cakes. We have thoughtfully added every single item you find in our store to help you show the other person how much they mean to you.

50th Anniversary

Imagine witnessing someone successfully having completed half a decade with the only person they fell for years back? Not only is it historic, but an event to draw inspiration and encouragement from. The love and togetherness for 50 long years are worth celebrating.

Giftcart decides to double the happiness of Golden Jubilee celebration of your favourite couple by allowing you to choose some exceptional timeless 50th-anniversary gifts from us. We hold out some attractive gifts for 50th anniversary that are so good, you just cannot overlook them. We aim to bring “Forever” in our gifts.

If you wish to order unique and memorable anniversary gifts online for your special ones, do it through Giftcart. It is India’s largest e-commerce gifting sites that promise a collection of luxury and enthralling list of gift items.

At Giftcart, you get tons of gift options for all anniversary milestones. Be it for your loving husband, for your beloved wife, your respected parents or anybody else who is celebrating their silver anniversary with the best 25th-anniversary gifts, choose the best gift item from us and surprise your dear ones in the best possible manner. Every gift that you choose evokes emotions and reflects your thoughts, so choose and make them feel special.


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