Personalised Coffee Addiction - Mouse Pad

Personalised Coffee Addiction - Mouse Pad

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A lot of people are addicted to caffeine and can function better when they have their favourite cuppa! If any of your loved ones show the signs of coffee addiction, you know what we mean. Looking for the right gifts for these people can be quite difficult but these personalised mouse pads are great at letting them state out their love for coffee to the world! The mouse pad is made of rubber and comes in two shapes choices - square and round. The dimensions of these square shape is 22 x 18 cm and that of the round shape is 20 diameter. Select the shape you desire using the drop-down menus and have it delivered to you in no time!
Mouse Pad comes in 2 shapes :Square & Round (selection from dropdown)
Dimension :Size:Square-22x18cm
Round-20 cm diameter,Material-Rubber
Country of Manufacturing India

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