Whisky Sour
Whisky Sour
Whisky Sour

Whisky Sour

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A classic Whisky Sour cocktail is fantastic at balancing the full bodied flavour of whisky with sharp citrus notes.
&Stirred Whisky Sour mix is our Eggless version & a twist on the classic. It is a delicious blend of Passion Fruit juice, Mandarin orange & lemon juice with a dash of Aromatic Bitters. Comes in a Box of 4 Single serve packs perfectly balanced for a 60ml serving of your favourite whisky.
Best Served with Whisky (preferably Bourbon).
Preparation Pour 60ml whisky over lots of Ice topped with a Single serve pack of &Stirred Whisky Sour mix.
Glassware Whisky tumbler (Old fashioned glass).
Garnish Lemon rind, Cherry, Orange slice.
Non-Alcoholic & 100% Veg (No Egg)
No Preservatives (No Sodium Benzoate)
Just add 60ml spirit of your choice
Best served with Whisky
Made with Real Fruits
Pro-bartender like Cocktails

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