How To Choose The Best Indoor Plants

How To Choose The Best Indoor Plants

Popular indoor plants are those that are simple to maintain. These plants are suitable for those who only have a tiny yard or space in their home for gardening. The fact that indoor plants may flourish even in harsh winter climes contributes to their appeal.

Indoor plants are popular because they are easy to take care of. They are beneficial for health and can be used in a variety of home decor themes. These plants are good for people who have a small space in their house or a small little yard for gardening. These plants can also grow in harsh winter climates, which adds to the reason for their popularity. 

Don’t worry if you stay in an apartment. These indoor plants are enough to make your apartment look great by investing less. While some plants need huge space and maintenance, these plants are a great alternative. 

So if you are planning to buy an indoor plant, here are some plants that can match your needs. 

What Is The Best Indoor Plant For Bedroom?

Indoor plants

Bedrooms are the place where you recharge yourself after a tiring day. A speck of greenery in the room can be great to achieve that sense of serenity whether your room is dependent on the lamps or has ample sunlight. Some plants can adjust to any condition they are kept in. Some bedroom plants give oxygen at night, making it more beneficial. 

Bamboo Plant:

 This plant is a tall, lush green vertical snapped plant. It is a good example of a wood element that influences physical activity, life energy and vitality. Bamboo the plant is said to be a symbol of luck. With every new leaf growing brings prosperity and luck to the owner. This is good for your bedroom as it can grow in adverse conditions and poor light as well. 

Bonsai Plant: 

Bonsai is a symbol of strength, intuition and wisdom. These small plants are suitable for decorating your room. You get them in several shapes and sizes. This acts a  contemporary decor for today’s metropolitan man. 


Cactus is an excellent addition to your bedroom decor. This because of its fantastic shapes, size and flowers. It is a unique decorative way. It looks outstanding on the window panel or kept in a group on a shelf. 

Golden Syngonium: 

This plant is native to South America. The arrow-shaped leaves of this plant are the reason why it is also known as Arrow Head Plant. This plant helps reduce anxiety, stress and self-disorders. 

Kalanchoe Laetivirens: 

It is a usual plant which is 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide. It has a bluish appearance and has baby plantlets all around. It has a unique appearance and looks amazing when the flowers appear in early spring. 

Which Are The NASA Recommended Indoor Plants? 


The best indoor plants are those who work both ways. First, it increases the serenity of the house and makes it look aesthetic. And secondly, it removes the toxic material from the air and purifies it to improve indoor air quality. According to the recent study, the air in our home is not pure. It has benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful elements in it. Therefore NASA air studies found out easy ways to purify the air using house plants. 

Green Snake Plants: 

These plants are also known as Sansevieria is an air-purifying NASA recommended plant. This plant is used to enhance stylish homes, offices, hotels and luxury resorts. This is one of the best garden gifts for your loved one. 


 Dracaena is one among the plant that improves indoor air quality. It removes carbon dioxide, Benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. They make excellent houseplant because they are tolerant of drought. 

Peace Lily Plant: 

Peace lily plant is also known as the Closet Plant. This is a popular choice for homes and offices. When it comes to indoor plants, Peace lilies are the easiest to care for though it is easy to care for but still the growing conditions matter. 

Chinese Evergreen: 

Chinese Evergreen plants can withstand any condition. This is ideal for people who look for something easy to grow. The leaves of this plant are silver marbling. It is a slow-growing plant. This can be re-rooted to the ground by the stem when it grows big.

Tulsi Plant:

Tulsi is widely used by Hindus as their only plant. Apart from that this small plant has several medicinal values. This plant can cure disease like heart disease, asthma, fever, stress, respiratory diseases etc. This plant is also known as holy basil. 

Indoor Plants For Reducing Pollution

Pollution chart

There are some oxygen-producing plants which help in reducing pollution. They absorb the harmful elements from the air and in return, gives us oxygen. There are several websites which sell such indoor plants in India. You can place these indoor plants in the living room, bathroom, kitchen and to any part of the house. They can adapt to any environment and condition you keep it in. 

Rare Milt Sansevieria plant:

 This species is a flowering plant that is native to West Africa from Nigeria east to Congo. This plant helps in filtering out formaldehyde. This is common in toilet papers, cleaning products, personal care products and tissues. Therefore this plant falls under the best air-purifying plant for your bathroom and the rest of the house. 

Aloe Vera:

This is easy to grow helps cleaning formaldehyde and benzene from the air. This chemical is generally a by-product of paint, cleaning products etc. Aloe Vera is best for your sunny kitchen window. This plant, beyond its air-purifying nature, has several medicinal benefits as well. 

Spider Plant:

Spider plants purify the air and produce oxygen in your home and offices. It absorbs xylene carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. These plants are safe for pets and children because it is non-toxic and edible.

Golden Pathos Plant: 

This plant enjoys a wide variety of environment. It can be grown both indirect as well as low light. You can have this plant in soil that is rich or poor in the nutrient. It grows well in all kinds of soil.

Dracaena Compacta Plant: 

This plant comes in great variety and is good in reducing toxins from the air to make it breathable. 

Types Of Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor Hanging Plant

You can find different hanging and ceramic pots for indoor plants. This pots look amazing and give your house an alluring look. You can place these pots on self, dining table, etc. The hanging pots, on the other hand, are used to hang these plants giving it a different look. 


The love for moist air makes Fern best houseplant for bright kitchen and bathrooms. You need to take care of this plant. This is because if it doesn’t get proper humidity, it turns brown and prematurely becomes dry.  

Money plant: 

This plant is a lucky plant and brings monetary luck as well as good fortune. Each branch of the plant has five leaves. These five leaves symbolise wood, water, fire, metal and earth. These five elements are said to attract prosperity to the owner. 


This plant is good as a hanging plant and is also known as a hanging plant. This plant doesn’t need any maintenance and can grow of its own. This is disease-free, the survival rate is high, and it has healthy roots. It is a beautiful way to add a touch of colour to your house interior. 

Red Chinese Evergreen:

 These plants look amazing it reddish-green leaves. It is as beneficial as the green Chinese evergreen plants. Hang this indoor plant in the living room, bedroom, balcony, anywhere you prefer. 

Live Green Trio Plants: 

These small trio plants include Bamboo, Philadelphia and money plant. These three plants together in three different pots look amazing and eye-catching. 

Top Indoor Plants for Quality Oxygen

Plants for Quality Oxygen

You can find best house plants to improve air quality by increasing the oxygen level in the air and absorbing the harmful elements. You yourself pollute and disturb your house air quality by using deodorants, refrigerators and other such modern products. These products have harmful elements in them which affect your body. This can be reduced if you plant indoor plants to purify the air. Some are as follows: 

Dazzling ZZ Plant: 

This plant acts as an air purifier. It can remove airborne toxins from the air by the process of transpiration at a high rate. This quality makes it the favourite plant for some people. This removes the Xylene and Toluene from the air. 

Cordyline Plant: 

It is also a part of the air purifying plant and generating oxygen. Similar to other oxygen-producing plants, it can remove toxins. Therefore this is cost-effective, therapeutic and helpful. 

Hoya Plants: 

This plant is tested to remove all five VOC's from the air. These are also known as wax plants. Hoya plants enjoy too much of sunlight, but they can grow in low temperature and low light also. 

Chilli Syngonium: 

These plants are not just beautiful but also beneficial. They can clean the air you breathe in and is an anti pollutant plant. They reduce airborne microbes and can increase the level of humidity in the air. It absorbs xylene, formaldehyde and other such harmful elements. 

Medium Snake Plant:

 According to recent air study, these snake plants are good in purifying the air. You can get your snake plant online and keep it on your work table to decorate as well as to get benefitted from it. 

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Maintain Indoor plants

There are some plants which need very low maintenance. They can grow on their own, which makes it quite easy to grow. Therefore these indoor plants are not just effective but also very affordable and cost-effective. In some areas, it is winter throughout the year the daylight keeps on fluctuations, and the weather is dry and harsh. This low maintenance plants can grow in those situations as well as providing greenery throughout the year. 


This is a beautiful plant that needs less maintenance. It is also a versatile tree as it can be used in the garden likea tree, pot plant, hedge, shrub etc. It claimed to be the best indoor plant. 

ZZ plant: 

These plants are the true gem. This is because it remains green even after moths and can grow even in the worst situations. It has no problem if your house gets less light or is less humid. 

Grafted Fiscus Bonsai:

These small little plants are good garden gifts. This is because it can withstand any temperature and humidity ratio. It doesn’t grow much and is already fisted. These plants are also known as dwarf plants and are ideal for indoors. 

Chinese Evergreen:

 Besides its handsome structure. The plant is tough inside. It forgives you if you provide too much water to it. These are of different varieties. 

Asparagus Fern:

This fern can suffer from all other types of plants. It is not exactly a type of fern. It can grow in both dark spots and bright corners. All you need to do is keep the soil moist, and it will grow. 

With the increasing rate of pollution and temperature, there is a huge imbalance in nature. The oxygen is going down because the trees are being cut day by day. People are unaware of the destruction that might lead to it. The symptoms can already be seen. Due to the lack of fresh air, the rate of disease is also increasing. 

Therefore to fight such situations, it is needed to plant more and more trees. One should look for the highest oxygen-producing plants, which can increase the level of oxygen in the air. You can fill your house with such plants. This also decorates your home and make it look different and alluring. So buy different plants from Giftcart. They sell indoor plants with pots.

The plants that you get in Giftcart are an affordable and perfect present for people who love gardening. You can gift your wife, husband, relatives or any near and dear one using Giftcart.


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