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Dried Cranberries White DrageesDried Cranberries White Dragees
Dried Cranberries White Dragees
Sale priceRs. 339.00
Pineapple Dragees - Hexagon JarPineapple Dragees - Hexagon Jar
Pineapple Dragees - Hexagon Jar
Sale priceRs. 249.00
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Burnt Caramel Hazelnut DrageesBurnt Caramel Hazelnut Dragees
Burnt Caramel Hazelnut Dragees
Sale priceRs. 439.00
Mango DrageesMango Dragees
Mango Dragees
Sale priceRs. 339.00
Pineapple DrageesPineapple Dragees
Pineapple Dragees
Sale priceRs. 339.00
Prunes DrageesPrunes Dragees
Prunes Dragees
Sale priceRs. 289.00
Burnt Caramel HazelnutBurnt Caramel Hazelnut
Burnt Caramel Hazelnut
Sale priceRs. 309.00
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Blueberry Dark Dragees - 150 gmBlueberry Dark Dragees - 150 gm
Blueberry Dark Dragees - 150 gm
Sale priceRs. 439.00
Fudgy DrageesFudgy Dragees
Fudgy Dragees
Sale priceRs. 260.00
Saffron Almonds ( Kesar Rabdi Almonds)Saffron Almonds ( Kesar Rabdi Almonds)
Rose AlmondsRose Almonds
Rose Almonds
Sale priceRs. 309.00
Pistachio, Rose N Saffron DrageesPistachio, Rose N Saffron Dragees
Pistachio, Rose N Saffron Dragees
Sale priceRs. 309.00
Cranberry White DrageesCranberry White Dragees
Cranberry White Dragees
Sale priceRs. 239.00
Sold out
Blueberry Dark Dragees - Hexagon JarBlueberry Dark Dragees - Hexagon Jar
Coffee Shots DrageesCoffee Shots Dragees
Coffee Shots Dragees
Sale priceRs. 260.00
Delicious Mango DrageesDelicious Mango Dragees
Delicious Mango Dragees
Sale priceRs. 250.00
Ferrero Rocher Box Gift
Ferrero Rocher Box Gift
Sale priceRs. 1,498.00
Love Frame with ChocolateLove Frame with Chocolate
Love Frame with Chocolate
Sale priceRs. 598.00
Lollipop Bucket
Lollipop Bucket
Sale priceRs. 798.00
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Personalised Say 'Thank You' with a Choco BarPersonalised Say 'Thank You' with a Choco Bar
Personalised Say 'Thank You' with a Choco Bar
Sale priceFrom Rs. 448.00 Regular priceRs. 549.00

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